AYL GROUP won the Algeria Startup Challenge 2020

Written by AYL

December 18, 2020

After a huge concurrence between the 700 projects holders during the annual Algeria Startup Challenge powered by CapCowork.
Our AYL team knew how to exploit this event and stole the spotlight in the big final stage. TAHFIFA, The First Mobile App of haircut and beauty services in Algeria for men and women and the easiest way to get a haircut on demand, right in the comfort of your zone. Clients can finally book an appointment with the closest barber to their location, and according to the feedback system provided in our app, they can choose any barber or beauty expert they like.
Here is some pictures of our winning team :
Our team got some rewards and prices from some of event sponsors in order to launch TAHFIFA immediately as they expect that 2021 will be so crucial to determine the vision of this project.
The team is also aware of the challenges that await them after launching TAHFIFA concept as one of our members mentionned it to a local media and said:
Raouf Madani

Raouf Madani


“Algerians nowadays are used to on-demand mobile apps as we all know about how some of VTC and food delivery business made a huge step in our market. We are aware that haircut and beauty on-demand services are different but we believe that there are a lot of clients waiting out there to use this service.”
Important information
Do you know that more than one million Algerians take a haircut everyday? Imagine how many values can TAHFIFA model propose to this market size.
Clients will have an amazing “discovery” experience for those looking for a haircut and beauty on demand service and gain time thanks to TAHFIFA fast scheduling and easy booking.
Barbers and beauty experts will have also a flexible working hours, get rid of fixed cost of barbershop, be able to earn more revenues and develop their own brand.

Technology is one of the main factors of our community development.

“For any successful economy, technology becomes a catalyst for social change. The role of technology in community development is to give power and a voice to people within the larger ecosystem. It enables citizens to create a better future for themselves.”
Ganesh Neelam

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